Abolish the Vagina Tax!

I’ve always thought of comedy as possibly the best way to enlighten and educate. Nobody likes to be preached at, and comedy is a great way to preach without people noticing you’re preaching to them. I think comedy can serve as a sort of mnemonic device for philosophy- just as a song or an acronym helps you remember a piece of text, a funny, well-crafted bit can help you remember the truth that underlies it.

This is why I’m so excited about Sarah Silverman’s latest idea to help fight the economic gender gap. Firstly, it’s a fresh and typically hilarious way of going about it. Secondly, it has the potential to help all of us. The economic gender gap is a drain- not only in a purely economic sense, as it definitely contributes to the prolonged lack of demand our economy has been suffering, but also in a political sense. Economic gaps generate power gaps, and power gaps generate democracy gaps. And if a certain group remains marginalized for long enough, they eventually start to become cynical and drop out of the political process altogether. Our political system favors the status quo far too much as it is- the last thing we need is more people dropping out.

So, more power to you, Sarah. Keep fighting the good fight.